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Esco Tool- Tube weasel series
Tube & pipe beveling machine

Esco Tool- Tube weasel series

The boilermaker proven Tube Weasel MILLHOG performs precision bevels for accurate weld fit-up and fits a 2.75" (69.9mm) wide opening

Đặc Tính Kỹ Thuật
  • Fits 2.75" (69.9mm) wide opening for boiler tube Dutchman repair
  • Self-centering clamping system ridgidly mounts tool to tube I.D. and is easy to use
  • Interchangeable pneumatic, electric and battery motor options
  • Bevel, face, and bore simultaneously 
  • Sealed construction allows use in any orientation
  • EscoLock blade lock system, securely holds cutter blades
  • Torque-free operation
  • Chatter-free tube and pipe bevels enhance quality welds
  • Field proven by boilermakers around the world
Thông Số Kỹ Thuật
Working Range19.1mm I.D. - 76.2mm O.D.
Blade SeriesG-Series Blades
Min. Width69.9mm
Cutterhead Speed114 rpm14-58 rpm43 rpm
Working Weight9.1 kgs10 kgs10.2 kgs
Shipping Weight22.7 kgs26.3 kgs56.6 kgs
Shipping Dimensions610mm x 508mm x 152mm610mm x 508mm x 178mm610mm x 508mm x 178mm
 800 W950 W18 V - 5.2 ah
 6.2 bar220 - 240 V220 - 240 V
 990 Lt/min50/60 Hz50/60 Hz

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